Milan Marsic : guide de montagne slovène francophone diplomé dÉtat, organisateur de randonnées en Slovénie et Croatie

Milan Marsic : French Slovenian mountain guide, founder of HIKING SLOVENIA

My name is Milan MARSIC. I am both Slovenian and French, and I have a good knowledge of both cultures. Born in France of Slovenian parents, I lived much of my life in France in Nancy, and am now installed in Slovenia where I created HIKING SLOVENIA.

Having spent some time abroad, in the USA and India, I have developed a taste for adventure. I like change and diversity, but I have decided to settle in Slovenia, to live close to the nature and the culture of this small country.

Physical Education Teacher and Sports Trainer, I taught for many years in schools, and exercised my hiking guide business (Mountain Leader) in the summer and winter.

I got my diploma (Certificate of state Accompanist in Mountain) in France, in the Vosges in 1996. After framed several hiking trips to France with various organizations (clubs, Holidays Center UCPA … ), I turned to Slovenia to organize my own journeys and tours in this magical country full of natural wonders! HIKING SLOVENIA has emerged!

Since 2006, I organize hiking trips for travel agencies (UCPA, Adventure Club, Wide Angle, Zig Zag hiking, Chamina) and for groups who contact me directly.
If you also want to discover Slovenia through hiking, contact me and I will be happy to offer you my services!

Mountain Leader, Official French diploma B. E. No. 54-96-0182